The Problem

The Problem

Your Brain which uses the 5 senses to scan and assess the external environment and make a decision about whether it is threatening or not, needs to make such assessment quite swiftly because if there is impending Danger like a lion coming to attack the person, it would be pointless to consider the matter at length ignoring the immediacy of the danger. That is the reason for the speed. 


We know from gadgets and household white goods for example that an Automatic Washing Machine for example is deemed to be more effective and superior because of speed.  It follows that you just program such a machine and leave it to make the decisions in your absence. 

That is what your unconscious part of the Brain does.  It is programmed and acts fast but the problem is that it may have over-estimated the danger and acted speedily as if the threat is immediate and decided to throw all its weight to protect you from such danger, then you discover there was no immediate danger and moreover, the defence mechanisms used namely, fight, flight or freeze have aggravated the situation more and caused perhaps Mental problems and Physical Health conditions.


With the repetition of this automated efficient system, in terms of speed, the situation becomes chronic and the potential health conditions are maintained in a chronic way. 

The efficiency and speed, do not allow you to intervene, like if you push the wrong Program button and discover what you have done, you do not get a chance to correct this.  It is too late, the process has started so it will continue till finish.  That is why we tend to feel that our responses are not subjected to our control.  This is a problem.  We stand helpless like a spectator watching what we are thinking, doing and feeling without the power to intervene and correct the process.


The good news is that this can be changed and your Power over this process can be re-enstated.