External Sources

External Sources

Stress can come from external sources that get imposed or inflicted upon us as the current virus situation which has impacted each and every individual in the universe, in one way or another. It could also be a volcano, an earthquake, a Tsunami, a fire, an accident, a war, a weather change like a heat wave that starts fires like in Australia, or an excessive wave of freezing weather that stops movement from one place to another.  Many such situations are uninvited and just happen. 


Other Stress causing situations can be due to difficulties at work. This may be due to being overwhelmed by the amount of work, due to bullying, due to being by-passed for promotion, being under-paid, being not valued at work or being stuck at a dead-end job and more.

Stress can be due to financial pressures, where the person’s or family’s income does not meet all their outgoings, or due to having been made redundant their income has dropped suddenly.

Stress can also be due to conflict in the couple or the family.  This can be triggered by a certain situation that escalates and becomes chronic and ongoing.  Stress kicks in when the person feels overwhelmed and unable to resolve the matter because it has gone out of their control.

These causes for Stress are not exclusive but there can be many more reasons