Eliminate Stress

If the answer was yes to the question do you want to choose Happiness, Longevity, rewarding Healthy Lives over Stress, was yes, then you will need to learn how to eliminate Stress.


When the Emergency Brain is in control it springs to action with a huge speed because it is assuming it is trying to save your life. 


Although we are faced with many challenges in life, luckily these threats are not life-threatening.  In fact very rarely are we faced with life-threatening situations. 

For that reason, it is inappropriate to be functioning and making decisions and assessing our lives, parenting, making career decisions through our Emergency Brain.  However, because that side of the Brain kicks off immediately without even giving you a chance to think about it, it takes over before you have had a chance to think.  Having kicked off you are now on a roll and you cannot get off that treadmill.  Maybe you have made an angry quick comment or submitted your resignation or shouted at a spouse or child.  Even if you start to realise that you are going the wrong way, it feels like it is too late.  You now got an angry response back or your resignation has been accepted or your body has started to show illness symptoms such as high blood pressure or fast heartbeats.