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Tired man being overloaded at work with many tasks
In our daily lives, we are all used to dealing with pressures, commitments and tasks that are required of us for our personal lives and for our family live as well as for society to be able to function. This takes time and effort but if balanced well with rest and relaxation all will go well. The pressure we are under in this case does not constitute unhealthy Stress.

Stress starts to occur when we feel that the pressure is overwhelming, and that to fit everything in, we have to sacrifice our rest or leisure time.

At the moment, we are all experiencing a stressful situation that is impacting the entire Globe, namely the COVID-19 virus which is affecting each and every country in the world and impacting the lives of each and every individual in the universe in different ways. If a member of the family has been infected that impacts in one way, if none have, still having to work from home and avoid contact with others, in a young family Mum and Dad are working from home and the kids are home from school and that huddles everyone up in a limited space which can cause pressures and restrictions and hence can cause Stress.


Mental Health

Stress can lead to other Mental Health issues depending on how long it has been going on.

Physical Health

Because the Brain is in charge of assessing whether a Threat exists and on that basis decides.

Signs of Stress

Headaches, frequent infections, muscular tightness and twitches, fatigue,  skin irritations.


If the answer was yes to the question do you want to choose Happiness,


You have seen scientifically based evidence that living with STRESS is not a sustainable option.


We would like to support you in making this shift from Stress living to Stress Free Living

Female office worker is tired of work and exhausted. She has burned down and has depression.
The fact that the virus is new and unknown can make it unpredictable and hence can cause Anxiety and Fear which in turn can aggravate Stress.

In the Medical Advice given by the Government, they mentioned that high anxiety can affect the Immune System quite negatively, in other words, can make a person vulnerable to the virus or any other disease.

It is, therefore, quite important, to understand how to manage such circumstances and pressures and how to deal with the unknown without succumbing to Anxiety and Fear as both these create Mental Health and Physical Health vulnerabilities.

Read more to learn about how to take control of your Health and Success and much more.

Here is to your Health, Happiness and Success