Internal Sources

Internal sources of Stress are caused by how we think internally about our lives and our behaviours and our perceptions.  For example, if someone believes that they are a failure, that they are not a good person, that life has not given them a fair chance, if they compare themselves with a sibling or friend or colleague and find themselves lacking that leads to Stress that is generated from internal sources, these being our thoughts and the way we reflect on our lives.  If we are self critical, that can lead into a circular spiral which is ongoing endlessly and therefore, exhausting.  This can create self generated stress which can become overwhelming.

Regardless of the source of Stress be that external or internal, stress causes dire consequences that are psychological, social, career related, and can also impact physical health.  The constant and chronic discomfort that a person feels without being able to ameliorate the situation or resolve it eats away at their Mental and Physical Health. 

If Stress is allowed to continue unchecked there are dire consequences according to what Neuroscience tells us.

Let us consider the consequences of Stress